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About Us

Tonari provides our shoppers with slow fashion apparel that reflects Euro-American Streetwear from the 1980's- forward. We offer one-of-a-kind reworked garments and a hand-selected vintage section. Our mission is to provide our shoppers with a selection of ethically and sustainably manufactured clothing, featuring fitted and loose designs providing freedom for gender expression. We encourage women and men to explore our site among all areas in the hopes of providing confidence-inducing clothing. In the future we hope to incorporate our community with our designs, creating a collaborative and proactive work environment.  


Tonari was established during the fall of 2017, where what started as a means for making extra money eventually became a passion driven career path. As graduation slowly approached, co-owners: Bailey & Sophia, decided to stop applying for jobs and commit themselves fully to Tonari.  


Considering the condition of our planet, Tonari is commited to practicing sustainability through "slow fashion". Currently all of our products are created using upcycled garments, while all left over fabric is either repurposed or sent to a recycling center. This reduces waste that would ultimately end up in landfills, while avoiding future carbon emissions created through fast fashion. Building a sustainable company goes beyond manufacturing, we pride ourselves on shipping our products with 100% biodegradable polymailers. In the future we hope to inspire others to make a step in the right direction regarding the health of our planet.

We pride ourselves on having full disclosure with our customers regarding our products. Whether it is a question regarding sizing or our manufacturing process, we want our customers to shop with peace of mind knowing we're just an email or dm away.



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