made to order

See something on our page that you love but it’s not in your size? 


Look no further! We are now taking requests for custom pieces that are made to order in your desired size + color. 


Made to order helps us to be just a little more sustainable by ensuring production will only begin once we receive the order. This means less waste and overproduction caused by products sitting in inventory. Many large companies end up with a surplus in inventory from overproduction that ultimately ends up in a landfill. So much pollution comes from what we wear. Made to order helps to drastically slow that down. 


Unfortunately, we can’t make everything made to order (yet), but we are now offering a handful of our designs for custom requests, including an “other” category for unique requests. Once you submit a request form below, we will email you back within 72 hours with more details before we proceed with production.


Please keep in mind this form is just for a request! There’s no guarantee that we will be able fulfill the order, but we will do our best to do so. We have plenty of leftover recycled fabrics so ask to see what we have or we can source something for you.  If you have something you'd like to send us to rework, please mention that in the submission forms :)


Email us at if you have any questions! <3

Untitled design-343.png
Untitled design-344.png
Untitled design-345.png

introducing our first collection to be completely made to order,

the A-line mini skirt


made from 100% recycled fabrics


choose your favorite color-way & select it when filling out the submission form below 


ribbed emerald green

multi green paisley


scarlet red 


patterned gold satin


white w/ yellow & green 


white floral


white & green checkered


olive green satin


made from vintage basketball shorts

list brand & color preference below

Untitled design-346.png

made from vintage dresses + skirts

list color/pattern preference below or ask to see what we have

Untitled design-347.png

made from vintage dress shirts 

list color preference below (black or white is easiest)

Untitled design-348.png

made from just about anything. can be made from denim, flannels, t-shirts, blazers, & more. cotton works best. 

list preferences below or ask to see what we have. 

made from scrap fabrics from t-shirts, sweatshirts, & more. 

can be branded or plain. you can provide a graphic of your own as well. list color scheme + other preferences below.

Untitled design-349.png
Untitled design-350.png