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  • What is reworked vintage?
    Reworked vintage is a rising trend that aims to work against fast fashion by re-purposing existing garments. Fast fashion damages our environment while exploiting and endangering its workers. In simplest terms, we purchase vintage sportswear, denim, outerwear, & more and either turn it into something else or leave it as is (if it is in good condition, of course). Typically, reworked vintage garments are 1 of a kind and cannot be re-produced due to the nature of thrifting or second-hand fashion. This means when you purchase from us, you have a hand-made item exclusive to you and only you. Every brand does it differently, but it is a fast-growing and diverse trend that, in our opinion, is the future of fashion.
  • What is Tonari? Who is making my clothing?
    Tonari is owned by two young women: Bailey Boyer & Sophia Beiseigel and is based out of Philadelphia (for now). We met & became best friends during our time at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and discovered our passion for both fashion & thrifting. We started out dye-ing t-shirts for fun on our front porch and made a little Instagram (originally named B.S. Clothing (for Bailey & Sophia) where we began to blow up within our little college town. B.S. Clothing began to grow and become bigger than we ever imagined, starting out with selling to our friends to shipping to various states. Following our graduation, we decided to form Tonari LLC in the Summer of 2018. Now, we do it all. We sew, dye, embroider, curate and design; we handle all of the photography as well as managing all the marketing. We use as much of our scraps as possible, down to the tags, zippers, and save all scraps for potential future use. We use minimalist packaging (no unnecessary plastic, paper, etc) and use 100% bio-degradable mailers. We’ve held pop-up shops all across PA and have recently been featured in Nylon Magazine. To further our education, we have begun to take professional sewing classes and natural dye-ing courses to enhance the quality of our clothing while keeping everything as sustainable as possible. We are not perfect and continue to learn everyday, but we do know one thing: we want to use Tonari to inspire, connect, and improve the world we live in.
  • Washing / Care
    Tonari garments are made from pre-existing & pre-worn materials and may show signs of wear (depending on the age of the garment). That being said, we do our absolute best to make the clothing as durable and wearable as possible. For best results, hand-washing and hanging to dry is recommended. If necessary, clothing can be washed but any accessories we added (such as chains, rings, etc) should be removed. Be aware, just as any clothing in your closet, machine washing can lead to discoloration, fraying, shrinking, etc. There is only 1 of each item so handle with care! You’re the only person in the world with this item, remember that!
  • Customs Orders
    As previously stated, there is only 1 of each item unless otherwise stated (sometimes we get lucky and find two of the exact same shirt and can make duplicates, but it is EXTREMELY rare). That being said, nothing is impossible! Feel free to contact us either through our Instagram, @shop_tonari or via email: and we can sort something out. We may not be able to duplicate the exact color/style, but we can do our best to make you your own custom version of it :) This can be done by two methods: you may send out an item you already own and we can rework it or we can search for a similar item to recreate the piece you’re looking for. If you decide to have us rework an item you already own, you will cover the cost of shipping one way and will receive a discount on the price the item would normally cost. Cost will vary based on each individual order and materials/labor used to fulfill the request.
  • Returns / Exchanges
    Unfortunately, Tonari does not accept returns. That being said, if an item genuinely does not fit you or arrives damaged, email us at and we can discuss the issue further. We can work out an exchange or potentially fix the item for you. If you do choose to send an item back, it will have to arrive without stains, visible wear, or other damage not related to the reason for the return. Item must be mailed within 14 days of you receiving it. We will not be able to provide you with a return label.
  • Shipping
    We are based in Pennsylvania, but we ship both domestically & internationally! Our domestic shipping is $6.50 for orders under $50, and $18 for international orders under $150. We typically ship within 2-4 days but this may change with holidays or other complications related to COVID-19. Under these circumstances, we will contact you and keep you in the loop! Tracking information will be sent to you via email. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS 100% CORRECT. This means first & last name, full address, any apartment/unit #’s, city, state, and zip code. We will do our best to make sure address’ are correct, even if entered incorrectly, but we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If your item is unable to be delivered and gets sent back to us, you will have to pay for shipping again. If you realize an address may be incorrect after you place the order, please message us through Instagram or email right away!
  • Business Inquiries
    Tonari used to have an ambassador program with college students around the U.S, but we have unfortunately decided to discontinue the program and shift our focus elsewhere. We are open to collaborations with influencers with at least 50k followers on Instagram and/or TikTok and professional modeling/influencing experience. If you are an artist or creative interested in working with us on a project, message us! We love meeting new people. We are not at a point where we are ready to hire anyone, but we are always open to ideas :) If interested in modeling for us, keep in mind we are located on the East Coast! For any serious modeling, collaborating, or other marketing inquiries, please email us and we can discuss further. CONTACT:
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