Florida state university


My name is Taylor Cednick, I’m 21 from Orlando, Fl and am currently majoring in retail entrepreneurship, or fashion, if you will. Ever since I was young I have had nothing but love for clothes and what makes fashion, fashion. I love putting together outfits for any occasion and as others would say, I shop way too much. But I think that’s why I love fashion so much. Style is something that lasts, which is something I try to pride myself in having. Because anyone can put together an outfit but it’s all about expression and how it makes you feel. Fashion makes me feel confident and at my best. I also am a stylist assistant for clutch magazine at Florida state where I choose and coordinate outfits for models in shoots. When I came across Tonari, I instantly fell in love with their items. Everything being vintage and handmade while being eco friendly expressed my interest more for its sustainability.

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