Reworked Cropped Wilson Windbreaker

Reworked Cropped Wilson Windbreaker

// Reworked, cropped Wilson windbreaker in blue with light grey + navy detailing with re-attached bottom hemline + new invisible zipper installed // 


Sourced & made in Pennsylvania 



Size: XL 

Condition: Good vintage condition

Measurements: Length 17 inches. Waist 20.5 inches.  


This product is hand-made (or sourced) from 100% recycled fabrics sourced from secondhand clothing stores. By purchasing upcycled or vintage garments, you help us combat fast fashion & save pieces, like this one, from ending up in landfills due to staining, rips, or other visible wear. Due to the vintage nature of this garment, this product is one of a kind and will not be restocked. This photo reflects the style you will receive.