Want to be an ambassador?


We're looking for fashion forward men & women to promote our brand! 


Enjoy exclusive perks like free clothing, a personal 40% discount code, photoshoots, social media exposure and a personalized page written by YOU on our site!

Each program lasts over the course of one semester where you'll receive monthly packages. 


In your own words include your membership with us in your Instagram Bio

While you will recieve a personal 40% off discount code, you will also recieve a discount code to put in your Instagram Bio, giving your followers 15% off their orders

With each package you will make a post on your Instagram page (not story),  wearing the clothing from each package you receive. *note: in some packages you will recieve one or more items, if this is the case you will need to make a post for each item 

We will occasionally ask you to promote sales, pop-up shops, and other events through your Instagram stories. You will receive reminders, through text, with more details on the time and content related to the event

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