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Slow Fashion

What is "slow fashion"? 


An approach to fashion with an awareness for the processes and resources used to make the clothing, focusing on sustainability and ethically made clothing. 

Where does fast fashion stem from?

Unfortunately, our society is where fast fashion is stemming from. Constantly changing trends along side the negative stigma towards wearing an item more than a few times has forced the fashion industru to keep up with the ever changing trends a a reasonable cost. 

How does fast fashion negatively effect our environment?

Water Pollution 

Over Water Consumption

Microfiber Pollution

Excessive Waste 

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Soil Degradation

Rainforest Deconstruction


How does fast fashion effect working conditions?


Lower Wages


Health and Safety Conditions

Child Labour

Forced Labour

Union Restrictions

How do we as consumers make a change to better our environment?


Buy Less

Buy Clothes from Sustainable Brands

Buy better quality 

Think twice before throwing out your clothing 

Buy second hand and rent clothing

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